I was asked to photograph a product, motorized sunshades, and the need was for the outside of the windows to show up as well as the inside. So they needed to be exposed evenly. One way to do it is to merge 2 different exposures using photoshop. But that way is messy in the fact that it always looks a little faked because of glare and such, not to mention outlining wine glasses on the one setup. It may look good on the screen, but if you pixel peek, it will look ragged most likely. Therefore in my opinion unsuitable to blown up to anything other than a 4×6. And they needed to enlarge to trade show booth banner size. So I went with using ample light inside to match the outdoors. Easier said than done, but I am pretty satisfied with the results, especially the residential dining room shots.

The other part to all of this is that he had me competing against another photographer. We both shot the same spaces and the company brass would vote on which photographer they preferred. I lost. Oh well. I got paid for the work still, and I did notice the only photo they ever displayed yet on their Facebook page was my shot 😉